How long does a silk press last

How Long Does A Silk Press Last? [Fact Checked]

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A Silk Press Can Last Upto 2- 3 Weeks*

Silk Press is one of the most famous ways to get straighter hair. However, this technique will not last for a long time. In this post, we will go through how long does a silk press last and why it depends on the environment and personality.

If you are a regular at flattening your naturally wavy hair at home, then you are aware of silk presses, the short-term hairstyle that produces the desired results, and also gives them a shiny appearance. A Silk Press makes natural hair very straight, shiny, smooth, and soft. It gives a great body and movement without the use of chemicals that relax or straighten the hair.

What is a Silk Press?

A silk press is a hairstyling method that utilizes flat iron and a blow-dryer to smoothen hair without the use of a chemical relaxer. Although it’s easy to believe that a silk-pressed style for natural hair is exactly the same as a conventional curl and press, however, this type of style increases the level of thickness. Silk-press hair is about putting less heat into hair strands, giving the hair body, movement, and a shiny look–without the weighted look that an ordinary curl and press will give you.

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How Long Does A Silk Press Last?

According to a professional Hairstylist on Harper’s Bazaar with proper care A silk Press can last up to 3 weeks.

She further emphasizes that this is highly dependent on the weather condition of where you are living. For example, if it is raining, snowy or environmental humidity is high your silk press wont last 2 weeks. They say that the recommended humidity for a silk press is less than 25%.

Also, this depends on your hair type. Hairstylists have divided all the hair in the world into several types from Type 1 to Type 4. Each type has its own subdivision.

Hence, how long does a silk press lasts depends on these so-called hair types as well.

How to make a silk press last longer?

Avoid Swimming

If you want to last your silk press for a long time you should definitely stop swimming. It can seriously hurt your silk press.

Use Shower Caps

Whenever you decide to bathe always make sure to use shower caps. If your hair gets wet it is the end of your straightened hair. Always have a proper bath before you take the silk press.

Wrap you Hair

Especially, at nights when you sleep wrap your hair. It will help you to stop any unintentional damage to your style.

Is Silk Press Bad For Your Hair?

The truth is Every heat-related style can cause some damage to hair. But, as far as curly and natural methods of hair straightening are concerned, the silk press procedure isn’t likely to cause harm. It’s because it is done only occasionally and it avoids harsh chemicals and employs nourishing, heat-protecting, and nourishing products throughout the process to moisten your hair and protect it from the most heat damage feasible.

If you have damaged hair or dry hair, then applying heat to your hair will eventually create more damage even if the damage is not too significant. If you’re experiencing dry, brittle hair strands due to hair dye or other treatment, you might want to be patient until your hair’s health has been repaired before exposing it to any further temperatures.


A Silk Press can last up to 2- 3 Weeks if you can provide proper care. As mentioned above it depends on the environment personality and hair type of the person.

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