How Long Does A Highschool Football Game Last

How Long Does A Highschool Football Game Last?

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A Highschool Football Game Lasts for 2 Hours.

We all love Highschool Football games. Personally, I never miss a football match.

The first organized football leagues started to appear in the 19th century in English school systems. According to the legend, William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran in an athletic match at school in 1823. This led to the creation of the first style of game that saw playing with the ball as the dominant method instead of kicks.

How Long is a High School Football Game?

The average high school football game lasts from 2 hours to three hours and forty minutes. This doesn’t sound like much, but there are long stretches in which the ball is not touched by any player on either side.

Usually, High School Football games are divided into 4 parts of 12 minutes for a total of 48 minutes of “Game Time” or “Play Time”. When we think about game time, a match lasts for 48 minutes. But when we consider actually the time we could say it can drag up to more than 2 hours.


Usually, organizers allocate this much time to recover from interruptions to the gameplay. The best example is Penalties. Whenever there is a penalty people argue, ask for a review and there are few post penalty football rules. To complete these tasks much more time is needed.

Also, don’t forget about the Half Time! During the Half time, there are cheerleader dances, breaks, and all other stuff happening in the background. These activities need time. That’s why HighSchool FootBall games last around 2 hours!

LevelAverage Game Length
NFL3+ hours
NCAA3.5 hours
College3.5 hours
High School2 – 2.5 hours
Youth1 – 1.5 hours

Why is a High School Football Game This Long?

High school football matches are less intense than professional and college games due to the fact that students aren’t as physically fit at this time during their life. Football is an extremely demanding sport, and players get their first experience of the sport in high school.

The students at high schools are athletes, but they are not as athletic as students who attend college or professional leagues. Football is the sport in which the players are taught techniques for tackling and catching.

It can begin a bit earlier, however, high school is the place where the teams play in stadiums with larger spaces with a larger number of crowds. High school is where college scouts start to discover the potential of an athlete.

A high school game might not even be able to reach the 3-hour mark for the majority of games. High schools need to help kids balance sports and studies, which means the games don’t last longer than college or professional games.

The students are recommended to take part in games, but with moderation to ensure that they have enough time to do other things. Football can be very demanding, and keeping games to 12 minutes per quarter lets the player show their skills.

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Winning a high school football game is not easy. The winning team usually has to score at least forty points in order to come out on top. Before the game begins, the quarterback needs to decide on where the team will attempt its first points. Once this has been decided, they’ll head over there and coach his teammates where they need to go in order to score some points. If you’re lucky enough, you could see a touchdown in just your first play.

On average, it takes teams six plays before they reach their goal line and cross it into the end zone for a touchdown. If they don’t score a touchdown on their first six plays, they probably won’t score one at all. To help them out, the defense will often use a technique called blitzing. This means that one or more of the defenders will jump into the offensive line and try to tackle or get to the quarterback before he has a chance to throw the ball.

When a goal-line stand occurs in high school football, it usually means that the defensive team is doing something wrong. They should have been able to hold off their opponents without having to rely on trick plays or death by penalty. This kind of stand occurs when a team is up by more than ten points. The other team will think that they can still come back and win if they score a touchdown and kick one point after it. If they don’t, the game will be over for them.

High school football games are often filled with action and excitement. They rarely last longer than three hours.

Hope now you are clear on How Long Does A Highschool Football Game lasts.



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