About Me

Hello there,

Celemtine Seofell
This is a photo of me.

I’m Clementine Seofell. I am the author of this awesome website.

Since a long time ago, I loved to research about how long things do exist. Actually, this hobby helped me to get my first job as a Researcher in Plant Awesome Research PLC. You can find me on LinkedIn as well.

Simply put, I research stuff for a living.

So I decided to write articles which will be helpful for all of you!

Howlong.Wiki contains a wast amount of articles that explains how long things exist or lasts in the world.

I write all of these articles myself. So I always make sure all the facts are accurate and up to date.

you can find sources for all of my articles in the Howlong.Wiki under “References/ Sources” sub topic of the post.

Most of the pictures I try to capture my self. However, I also use Pexels.com find images relevant to posts.